Enseñe español en el extranjero !





Cotacachi Spanish School is located in Cotacachi, a small town in the Andes, two hours from Quito. The Spanish Language School offers private and group.

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Address: La Pradera, Calle Tarqui

Telf: (593)98 844 2958

Web: Cotacachi Spanish School

E-mail: cotacachispanish@gmail.com



Mundo Andino

The Academia, established in 1998, which specialises in teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students.

Learn Spanish with us in a relaxing, and professional atmosphere with spanish language exercises, offers spanish classes and courses to all levels of students. Chose between one to one and mini group courses. Live with a Ecuadorian family. Optional medical and business Spanish, Learn the politics and culture of Ecuador.

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Address: Salinas 404 y Bolívar

Telf: (+5936) 2921 864

Web: www.mandinospanishschool.com

E-mail: info@mandinospanishschool.com


Come to Otavalo Ecuador and learn Spanish while you enjoy a spectacular natural setting and unique people of this famous market town. Get away from the big city, relax and enjoy the natural wonders that Ecuador has to offer. Select from a wide variety of excursions to the mountains surrounding Otavalo as part of your classes or as an independent traveler. The Imbabura province has amazing trekking and mountain climbing opportunities for all levels.

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Address:  31 de Octubre 476 y Juan Salinas

Telf: (+593) 997008542

Web: www.otavalolearning.com

E-mail: otavalola@gmail.com



Sí Centro

Si Centro Spanish School is located in the heart of the charming colonial Andean town of Cuenca, nestled in the foothills of the Ecuador’s southern Andes. We are a quick three minute walk from the tranquil and relaxing Parque Calderon, with its beautifully manicured flowers and the massive cathedral towering above. Parque Calderon is the center of town activity in Cuenca, and the foremost meeting place and relaxing spot where Cuencanos and travelers mingle freely

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Address: Borrero 7-67 y Sucre

Telf: (+593-7) 282-0429

Web: www.sicentrospanishschool.com

E-mail: sicentrocuenca@hotmail.com


The Centers for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI) is a not-for-profit institution of higher learning, dedicated to the study of American languages and cultures. CEDEI was founded in 1992 in recognition of the 500th anniversary of the meeting of the Old and New Worlds. To foster understanding among the people of the Americas, CEDEI sponsors a variety of academic activities independently and in conjunction with universities in North and South America.

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Address: Gran Colombia 11-02 y General Torres

Telf: (+5937)- 2 848 012

Web: www.cedei.org/

E-mail: info@cedei.org


The Amauta Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to education and research on social and environmental issues in South America, with special emphasis on Ecuadorian studies.  It donates a portion of its income to local welfare projects.

The Amauta Foundation is located in the historic center of Cuenca, known for its colourful flower and handcraft markets, art galleries, colonial churches and variety of shops.

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Address: Hermano Miguel 7-48 entre Sucre y Presidente Córdova

Telf: (+5937) 284 6206

Web: www.amauta.edu.ec/

E-mail: info@amauta.edu.ec


Yanapuma is a non-profit Spanish located in a beatiful historic building in Quito.
We provide professional Spanish language courses at all levels, and are designed to your individual needs. Our friendly staff, qualified Spanish teachers, and welcoming home-stay families and hotels, make every effort to make you feel at home.


Address:  Veintimilla E8-125 y 6 de Diciembre

Telf: (+593-2) 2546709

Web: /www.yanapumaspanish.org/

E-mail: info@yanapumaspanish.com

Simón Bolívar

Welcome to Simon Bolivar Spanish School - the right place to learn Spanish in Ecuador.

Our main goal is to promote the outstanding natural and culturally diverse landscapes of Ecuador, through the teaching of Spanish language. The superb quality of our language services is attained through our extensive experience, and knowledge of our educated instructors.


Address: Mariscal Foch E9-20 y Av. 6 de Diciembre


Web: www.simon-bolivar.com/

E-mail: info@simon-bolivar.com




Baños, Ecuador, is a great place to spend time, because of his year-round spring-like weather and small-town laid-back atmosphe.
There are many foreigners in Baños who came years ago and have not left!

Baños is centrally located in Ecuador, with quick access to both sides, the high Andes and the Amazon Basin and everything in between.

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Address: Oriente 8-20 y Julio Cañar

Telf: (+593-3) 27406 32

Web: http://www.banios.com/spanishschools.html

E-mail: baniosspanishcenter@hotmail.com



Individual instruction or in  small groups

Flexible Schedules:

You can make your own schedule between 08:30 - 19:30 and starting any day of the week.

Teaching at all levels according to your necessity

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Address:  16 de diciembre y Pablo Suárez

Telf: (+593-3) 2741-921

Web: www.spanishlessons.org

E-mail: raices@andinanet.net


Welcome to Mayra’s Spanish School in Ecuador!  “Excellent classes and a lot of fun!”.  That is what our students say about studying Spanish in Baños, Ecuador at Mayra’s School.

Our classes are centered on the individual students needs.  We have students taking classes for a couple of weeks to learn the basics as well as students at post university level who want to study specific subjects for months and everything in between.

You will be surprised how fast you master

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Address:  Montalvo y 16 de Diciembre Diciembre

Telf: (+593-3) 2742 850

Web: www.mayraspanishschool.com/

E-mail: welcome@mayraspanishschool.com




Enjoy learning Spanish in a relaxing, fun, and professional atmosphere.
Learn Spanish in Ecuador!

Our teachers are professionals with years of creative teaching experience. Our Spanish Immersion Program is approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and has Bildungsurlaub recognitions for German students. Study Spanish with us in one of the more renown Spanish schools in Ecuador, located in Quito and Manta, the capital of Ecuador and a coastal town 30 minutes by plane and 8 hours by bus from Quito.

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Address: 24 Ave. y 15 Barre Building

Telf: (+593-5) 2611-206

Web: www.surpacifico.k12.ec/

E-mail: surpacifico@easynet.net.ec



La Lengua

LA LENGUA not only teaches you to speak Spanish, it also helps you to understand the culture and how to interact with latin americans.For those who are interested in discovering the country and its people, LA LENGUA also offers volunteering opportunities and guided tours!
From helping to preserve the rainforest and its wildlife to working closely with Ecuadorian indigenous tribes, we can arrange volunteer opportunities that best fit your skills and interests! Plus, LA LENGUA's multilingual guides offer memorable tours across Ecuador to the panoramic Andes mountain range, the unique Galapagos Islands, the tranquil coast, and the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest!

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Address:  Colon 1001 y Juan L. Mera

Telf: (+593-2) 2501 271

Web: www.la-lengua.com

E-mail: info@la-lengua.com




Our Spanish school in Ecuador offers friendly classes and language immersion in a relaxing beach atmosphere. Ecuador is famous for it's language schools, but your stay in Canoa offers a unique tutorial experience. One-on-One tutoring is available according to your own personal schedule, as you enjoy an unforgettable beach and cultural holiday.

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Address: Canoa Beach - Sundown Hosteria

Telf: (+593-5)

Web: www.ecuadorbeach.com/

E-mail: canoaschool@hotmail.com



Montanita Spanish School is the perfect place to learn Spanish in Ecuador. Located on Ecuador's famous beach of Montanita, you can study Spanish and surf, take salsa and yoga classes or go scuba diving in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

We have excellent, friendly teachers and staff that are waiting to make your experience learning Spanish in Ecuador a fantastic one!

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Address: Right on the beach

Telf: (+593-9) 4360669

Web: www.montanitaspanishschool.com/

E-mail: info@montanitaspanishschool.com


Located in the beautiful beach town of Montanita, Ohana Language School is the perfect place to learn Spanish in a fun and relaxing beach atmosphere.  Ohana is a language school designed for foreigners who want to immerse themselves in Spanish-speaking culture and socialize within the local environment. Our certificated Spanish teachers provide classes centered on the individual students needs.  We offer a fun and flexible Spanish curriculum, and offer basic, intermediate and advanced classes.  Ohana is your home away from home, located at the luxury and environmentally friendly Nativa Bambu Ecolodge.  Learn to surf, deepen your yoga practice, take to the skies and go parasailing, or dive in the ocean for some scuba diving.  In the evening, wind down at our Ohana Bar with a variety of delicious South American cocktails.  Our Ohana staff will be able to assist your every need, and ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

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Address: On the beach

Telf: +593994628353

Web: www.ohanalanguageschool.com

E-mail: hello@ohanalanguageschool.com