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Escuelas de español en Quito 2019

Lista actualizada de todos los Centros de enseñanza del español en Quito. En el Centro Histórico, en la parte moderna en el norte y en el sur de la ciudad.

Cristóbal Colón

The right place to learn Spanish in Ecuador. Friendly atmospher, friendly Teachers Weekly Activities with the school Nearby Host-Families with warm hospitality Best prices with best quality on teaching Nice location

Why learning with us?.

Address Av. Colon Oe2-56 y Versalles

Phone Office: 0225065089

Whatsapp: +593998784872

e-mail: info@colonspanishschool.com


Amazonas Education and Travel is committed to delivering the best in Spanish language courses. We offer personalized courses and tour opportunities for a unique experience here in the fascinating country of Ecuador (South America).

Address: Av. Amazonas 718 y Jorge Washington

Telf: (+593-2) 2504654, 2548223

Web: www.eduamazonas.com

E-mail: info@eduamazonas.com


Andean Global Studies offers and designs customized programs for individuals and groups who want to learn Spanish while exploring the natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador.

AGS courses focus on the personal and professional needs of each student, offering a variety of specialized programs including: Spanish Immersion, Spanish Lessons Online, Medical Spanish, Preparation for the D.E.L.E. Exam, Traveling Classroom, Spanish and Culture and Studies in Quichua language.


Address: Mercurio E10-23 y El Vengador

Telf: (+593-2) 225 4928

Web: www.andeanglobalstudies.org

E-mail: info@andeanglobalstudies.org



At the language school Atahualpa you may learn a lively Spanish based on your particular needs and personal time schedule. You will also recieve great travel advice how to spend your study free weekends and how to travel around Ecuador. Personalized lessons for All Levels & Goals
*During the whole year */* The best value */* Great Quality */* Friendly Atmosphere */* Qualified teachers */* Intensive Courses */* Volunteer */* Trips & Tours */* Accommodation. Book and learn Spanish!


Address: Godin N20 -29 Y Condamine, La Vicentina

Telf: +593 2 2551 229

Web: http://www.atahualpa.com/

E-mail: office@atahualpa.com


Our primary goal is to help you learn and/or attain proficiency of Spanish, in a fun and safe environment. We have been located in Quito since 1993, with two locations, including one in Quito´s Historic Center.

Our instructors are university educated, including some with over a dozen years of teaching experience.


Address:  Amazonas # 11-14 and Pinto St

Telf: (+593-2) 2906-642

Web: www.beraca.net

E-mail: beraca@interactive.net.ec


Dos Mundos

Because both the school and its´ students are from different worlds, languages, cultures, points of view, religion, etc. But, by means of the Spanish language we can fuse together these differences and share two worlds at the same time.

Learning the Spanish language will give you the opportunity to discover another beautiful world.

DOS MUNDOS Spanish Language School is a quiet place where you can learn the Spanish Language with the best "ONE-TO-ONE" instruction at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.



E4-394 Calama St. y Juan León Mera St.
Second Floor - Office 8

Telf: ( + 593.2) 250.8665

Web: www.edm.ec

E-mail: info@edm.ec


EQUINOX Spanish School provides students with accommodation and food during their stay in Quito. We offer family stay, which offers an opportunity to practice Spanish in a normal family setting - often the best and most normal way to learn Spanish!


Address:  Yánez Pinzón 25-106 y Av. Colón

Telf: (+593-2) 2564488

Web: www.ecuadorspanish.com/

E-mail: info@ecuadorspanish.com


"Doing the best Spanish courses in Quito since 1989"

The mission of The Galapagos Spanish School is to create the ideal conditions for students to obtain Spanish language courses, opportunities which will provide cultural experiences and travel possibilities, achievements enjoyable for a life time.

We also will create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe lerning envirinment and transmition of latinamerican culture.



Juan León Mera y Veintimilla

Telf: (+593-2) 256-5213

Web: http://www.galapagos.edu.ec/index.php

E-mail: info@galapagos.edu.ec


Founded by a group of professional teachers, Guayasamin School strives to reach the demand for Spanish language immersion in Quito. All of our instructors are native to Ecuador, have attained university degrees, and offer years of experience working with students abroad.


Address: Calama E8-54 y 6 de Diciembre

Telf: (+593-2) 2544210

Web: www.guayasaminschool.com

E-mail: info@guayasaminschool.com


The Experiment in International Living (EIL Ecuador) is a non-profit organization established in Ecuador in 1977, to encourage intercultural exchange among people of different cultures, religions and ages.
By  making it possible for people of different nationalities to live and learn together, we contribute to a mutual understanding, respect and peace among peoples of the world.


Address:  Hernando de la Cruz N31-37 y Mariana de Jesús

Telf: (+593-2) 2551937

Web: www.eilecuador.org

E-mail: eil@eilecuador.org


Located in the city-center of Quito, Kolumbus Academy has some of the best views of the city and it´s surrounding landscapes. With spacious and airy classrooms, we offer an ideal environment to study Spanish. We welcome you to enjoy views from our terrace and garden during course breaks.
Each course is held in a separate classroom. You even have the option of taking courses outside - another great way to see Quito!


Address: Calama E8-54 y 6 de Diciembre

Telf: (+593-2)

Web: www.academia-kolumbus.com/

E-mail: info@academia-columbus.com

La Lengua

LA LENGUA provides one to one spanish lessons at flexible hours that fit with your travel, volunteer and/or work schedule.

LA LENGUA not only teaches you to speak Spanish, it also helps you to understand the culture and how to interact with the Latin American community. For those who are interested in discovering the country and its people, LA LENGUA also offers volunteering opportunities and guided tours!


Address:  Colón 1001 y Juan León Mera

Telf: (+593-2) 2501271

Web: www.la-lengua.com/

E-mail: info@la-lengua.com


Learn Spanish in Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia! We offer complete courses for beginner through superior level students. Offering the most effective teaching methods, university qualified and experienced instructors, university credit through Alma College or New Mexico State University, homestay accomodations, cultural exchange and travel packages - we are at the front of Spanish language immersion here in Quito!


Address: Av. 6 de Diciembre y E. Alfaro

Telf: (+593-2) 2250 946

Web: www.latinoschool.com/

E-mail: info@latinoschools.com

Quito Antiguo

Come study with us at Quito Antiguo (Old Quito). With locations in the historic district of Quito, the cloud forests near Mindo, the beautiful hills of Otavalo, the gorgeous beaches of Pedernales, and the Amazon rainforest, we offer opportunities to learn Spanish language in an exciting and culturally diverse environment.


Address: Venezuela 1129 y Olmedo

Telf: (+593-2) 2288454

Web: www.quitoantiguospanish.com/

E-mail: info@quitoantiguospanish.com


"Learn Spanish with us and discover the culture of Ecuador"

Located in the heart of Ecuador, Ruminahui Spanish School is a well established language institute with a friendly staff and personal environment. We offer language courses in the countryside of Atahualpa, or the capital city of Quito. All of our courses are tailored to your needs, and are offered both daily and weekly.


Address:  Lizardo Garcia 452 y 6 de Diciembre

Telf: (+593-2) 2304 254


The Banana Spanish School would like to extend a warm welcome and best wishes on your travels here in Quito, Ecuador.
Our language programs take place not only in Quito, but also in Mitad del Mundo and the Amazon Jungle.


Address: José Tamayo 935-A y Foch

Telf: (+593-2) 256 7014

Web: www.bananaspanish.com

E-mail: info@bananaspanish.com

Simón Bolívar

Our main goal is to promote the outstanding natural and culturally diverse landscapes of Ecuador, through the teaching of Spanish language. The superb quality of our language services is attained through our extensive experience, and knowledge of our educated instructors.


Address: Mariscal Foch E9-20 y Av. 6 de Diciembre

Telf: (+593-2) 2234708

Web: www.simon-bolivar.com/

E-mail: info@simon-bolivar.com

Vida Verde

Vida Verde Spanish Language School offers intensive courses and complete language immersion.

With all the Spanish schools in Ecuador and throughout the world, you may be thinking, "Why should I study Spanish at the Vida Verde?" Well, the answer to that is easy. We offer something other schools don't: Learning with a conscience!


Address:  Plaza N23-100 y Wilson

Telf: (+593-2) 222-6635

Web: http://www.vidaverde.com/

E-mail: info@vidaverde.com


Yanapuma is a non-profit Spanish located in a beatiful historic building in Quito.

We provide professional Spanish language courses at all levels, and are designed to your individual needs. Our friendly staff, qualified Spanish teachers, and welcoming home-stay families and hotels, make every effort to make you feel at home.


Address: Veintimilla E8-125 y 6 de Diciembre

Telf: (+593-2) 2546709

Web: www.yanapumaspanish.org/


Añada a mi escuela: marciagarciaie@hotmail.com

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